The Committee on the Status of women is powered by three subcommittees – each with a specific focus. These subcommittees define their initiatives on an annual basis (some are ongoing).  

Advocacy & Policy

The Policy and Advocacy subcommittee of CSW will take on several goals each year to create or improve policies and advocate for the women of UCSF across three primary areas: family-friendly culture, career opportunity, and freedom from harassment.  We will also work closely with the CSW co-chairs to advocate for women in response to emerging or evolving challenges in the UCSF climate.

Subcommittee lead

Lauren Weiss, Chair


Margaret Feeney

Laura Ishkanian Kohley

Lekshmi Santhosh

Diane Wara


The Communications Subcommittee of CSW plans and executes the best ways to manage updates on Committee activities, via the website, newsletter, and other communication vehicles, with the goal of building community around many women’s groups and creating cohesive messaging around the priority issues for women at UCSF. 

Subcommittee leads

Laurae Pearson, Co-Chair 

Mabel Chan, Co-Chair 


Suya Colorado-Caldwell

Judy Lewenthal Daniel

Lesley Snyder


The Events Subcommittee of CSW helps to organize and host events for the UCSF community that focuses on current issues affecting women at UCSF.  Major events include co-hosting the annual UCSF International Women’s Day events which had its inaugural event in 2019 and most recently the panel on Childcare Decisions during COVID-19 in partnership with Family Services.   

Over the years, we have hosted invited speakers, book tours with authors, finance workshops, tech forum lunches and musical guests. Topics have ranged from women in government and politics, lactation support, childcare and eldercare to investing for financial health and creating a digital network. We have also co-sponsored and partnered with various Women’s groups on campus such as WILD, Warm Hearts, AWIS, WiN WIN and Women of UCSF to name a few. 

Subcommittee leads 

Nerissa Ko, Co-Chair 


Rupal Shah