About Us

We are a cross-functional team of healthcare providers, administrators, communicators, educators, leaders, and policy specialists from across the UCSF. Our members represent decades of expertise at UCSF and beyond, bringing a variety of experiences and perspectives to our work together.

The Committee on the Status of Women (CSW) is a diversity committee within the Office of Diversity and Outreach. The CSW evolved out of a committee on equal opportunity to identify and analyze issues relating to the status of women faculty, staff and students at UCSF; to inform and educate the campus community about conditions that affect the status of women within the University; and to advise the Chancellor regarding policies and procedures that will improve conditions for women.

Join the Committee on the Status of Women

Requests for membership applications are released annually via email on the UCSF Nurturing Diversity listserv, and via a variety of UCSF community-outreach and engagement platforms. 

Membership Activities 

Membership in CSW requires participation in multiple activities, including, but not limited to:  

  • Brainstorm committee projects and special events
  • Assist with planning and hosting events  
  • Improve upon CSW’s special events, and develop new ways to attract and engage our audience 
  • Conduct outreach and confirm prospective speakers  
  • Select locations and assist with set-up for events 
  • Work with our partners to identify potential sponsors for events  
  • Assist with travel arrangements/reimbursements/honorariums, if needed  
  • Create marketing (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, email, fliers, etc.) for the committee and special events 

Time Commitment

  • CSW requests a minimum of 1-year service commitment 
  • Committee meetings are currently held on the 4th Wednesday of the month from 3:00-4:30 pm, remote via Zoom. (Prior to COVID-19: in-person participation was strongly encouraged.)

Learn about our initiatives & accomplishments.

Please contact us for more information or with questions via email: [email protected]